Spectrum 48K Rubber Key

Delivered in 6-9 Days

Spectrum 16k Rubber Key upgraded to 48K

Serial No.: 002-147026

30 Day "Dead on arrival" warranty.


Spectrum 48k Rubber Key 002-147026

Motherboard: Issue 2

ULA: Ferranti 6C001E-6

This Spectrum has some small dents and scratches on the original keyboard faceplate.

Refurbishment work carried out in addition to the standard steps:

Replaced power transistor TR4.

Upgraded to 48K using a modern 32K module.

TV output modified to provide composite video.

Fitted with new keyboard membrane.

Thoroughly cleaned.

Standard 12 hour test completed.

Package contents: 1  Spectrum; 1 x Fully refurbished PSU; 1 x Video cable; 1 x USB Drive; 1 x Sinclair Horizons introductory Cassette.

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Data sheet

Face Plate Colour:
Device condition:
Refurbishment Status:
Completed. Ready for sale
Original Box Condition:
No Box, Polys or packaging
Device operational Status:
Fully working
Serial or Batch Number
Motherboard Version
Issue Two
Approx. Manufacturing Date
Provided on a USB Drive
ULA or custom FPGA Version
ULA 6C001E-6