This site is aimed at the what is now being called “retro computing”. This community revels in re-creating the individual computer environments of the early days of home and office computing. Here you will find some very old, old and not so old and I hope interesting computing devices for sale. Nearly all of this these items are from my collection or you could say accumulation of computer hardware over the last 25+ years.

Not much is "rare" except in that all these machines are now relatively rare.

Until now I have simply accumulated, uh sorry, collected, slowing in the last 8-10 or so years because the places I have to store it were simply full and the easy availability of abandoned 8 bit machines 25 years ago is drastically reduced. Now I have retired and as was always intended, the collection is there to keep me occupied day to day by restoring and refurbishing it and yes, selling it.

Another factor in selling it arises as you get older. One that although you were vaguely aware of it in your 40s and 50s, but still  takes you a little by surprise, that is is how much energy you have or more to the point have not. At 65 there is a now the question of mortality and what happens to all this great stuff if I died earlier than anticipated.

So one way or the other the collection does have to go.