This is a hobby site not a true sales sites with rotating stock and new lines. Each computer or peripheral will be handled individually – you won’t see “Spectrum 48K – 6 in stock” each one will be a separate item and is therefore individual and irreplaceable.

Firstly, I identify (find, trip over, drag from storage) an item, give it the once-over and appraise its condition. It is then added to the appropriate section(s) of the web site – even though it is not prepared for sale or even available to buy yet. For some there won’t even be a picture yet. For each item you will find a details panel giving details not just of the item itself but of its progress through my “system”.

These stages are shown in “Refurbishment Status” and are currently:


Initial Appraisal

Initial testing

Tested - initially working

Tested - attempting to repair faults

Tested - Fully working

After Repair Testing

Being cleaned

Repairing - Tape, FDD or HDD

Repairing - Memory

Repairing - Keyboard

Repairing - Video

Repairing - Case Damage

Repairing - Chip-set Failure

Repairing - PSU

Repairing - Other

The initial look results in a setting for “Device Initial Condition” which currently can be one of:


Terrible :(

Terrible to Reasonable


Reasonable to Fairly Good

Fairly Good to Good


Good to Excellent


Mint (as new)

Small items that do not require much testing or that are new will be available to buy.