About us

Our methods

  •     Personal service and honesty with customers and clients
  •     Top quality products used in all refurbishments
  •     30-day money back guarantee where an item is sold as working but it must be remembered that many of these vintage machines are approaching 40 years old. I obviously cannot guarantee that they will continue to work for any extended period.
  •     I will pack and protect the items to the highest standard but given today's delivery services some are guaranteed to suffer despite best efforts.
  •     Any new products will come with the standard 12 month warranty.

Our team

  •     Me - Tim. I have done 37 years in the computer business starting out when all these 80s machines were new. Of course I didn't own many of them myself and I wasn't particularly a gamer, mostly because I came to computing relatively late (I was 29 when I started out in the business in 1982). Like many people at the time I had a ZX81 first this was followed by a very expensive Sharp MZ-80A which eventually had a printer and finally a dual floppy disk unit. I got this and access to it by persuading my work that this was the way it was going, nobody else had a clue what to do with it so it almost became mine by default :) I was mostly interested in programming but was involved in R&D and worked with many hardware guys in the earlier days.
  •     Jamie - one of my grandsons (aged 13) he is interested in tech and wants to be an engineer and an inventor... so he is learning something while watching and holding things :)

Our Notes

  •     The way this site will work initially is that we will list many items that are "work in progress" or even not started. A status message with each Item will show the stage of refurbishment or testing that it has reached.
  •     Bear in mind when ordering that this is mostly a hobby in my retirement although any "beer money" earned will be useful. Sometimes communications might stutter a bit, so if purchasing is not enabled that will be because I am away or otherwise need some time (burglars note: the stock is not stored at my address).

Legal Necessities

  • This site is owned and maintained by Benham Computing Ltd. Company No: 06782327
  • Our Address is 20, Westmead, Woking, Surrey GU21 3BS